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Cultural Connections with STEM Outreach

July 28, 2013


I recently had the opportunity to present at a STEM Institute for high school students. What made this unique was it was for CAMP, the College Assistance Migrant Program at Sacramento State University. That meant that all students are Migrant students, a federal definition for families that move with the crop-harvesting seasons. Without over-generalizing, that […]

Communicate Like an Interpretive Ranger

May 7, 2013


How Can You Communicate Like an Interpretive Ranger? What are the ways that communicating like an interpretive ranger can help with our education outreach and communication? During a California Mini-Corps Outdoor Education Program training, our group had the wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from head interpretative rangers at Yosemite National Park. As we walked […]

A Latino Big Bang Theory Show

May 5, 2013


I want to see a Big Bang Theory type show featuring Latinos or with a Latino perspective. We will come back to this—first, how this thought germinated. A couple of things came together for me to reflect about the idea of a “Latinerd” (Latino Nerd…or also LERDS), and more specifically about how popular media can […]

Communicating Ciencia

April 6, 2013


I am not what may be considered a “traditional” science communicator—even though that term nowadays is changing with the times and technology. I am not a science journalist. I am not a scientist that communicates his/her findings through traditional or social media with a focus of making it understandable to the general public. I am […]