April 17, 2013


  If you have not tuned in, NPR has a new neat blog with a focus on code-switching: a linguistics term for “switching between two or more languages, or language varieties, in the context of a single conversation.” To that is added cultural code-switching, not just the language of words, but the cultural norms and […]

Communicating Ciencia

April 6, 2013


I am not what may be considered a “traditional” science communicator—even though that term nowadays is changing with the times and technology. I am not a science journalist. I am not a scientist that communicates his/her findings through traditional or social media with a focus of making it understandable to the general public. I am […]

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“Fixing” Education

April 2, 2013


My 7-Point Rant for Education Some time ago I had a good conversation with someone who was wondering how we can fix our current (2012) education system, particularly in California. It made me think whether I had any “ready answers”, if I could reasonably string along my thoughts to make sense, or what proposal I […]

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“Being Latino”

April 2, 2013


“Are you Latino, or what would you consider Latino?” So what Latino hasn’t had to answer this question in some way? I feel like thoughts to that question come in cycles, especially depending on the politics in the air and if a certain article creates a dustup. This time let us attribute that how businesses […]